1. I am 6ft2 110kg 242llbs 25% body fat. So with 20g carbs and 80g – 100g protein, do I need to get my fat up high to like 70% area, or do I just eat fat to top up and fill up? So my body fat gets used instead ?

  2. Mandy Hale says:

    I’m a health coach and a functional nutrition student. I keep getting multiple people telling me they supplement 1,000-3,000mg/day of potassium per Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos! Please clarify what you see clinically as an excess potassium supplementation. This high potassium supplementation is freaking me out!!!

  3. Karla Luff says:

    I could eat 10lbs in food and maybe if I am lucky… since I am young I poop 💩 pebbles. I have tried everything… my body uses everything!!!!! Suggestions?

  4. Carrie Dow says:

    Thanks for the info on the sweetener in the EK’s. Turns out that the Julian’s Bakery Orange Burst has monk fruit, GAH! The unflavored has none, so I’ll try sticking to that and see what happens. Thanks for all you do!

  5. I’ve been eating Keto 1.5 years and now if I eat high carb like a portion of onion rings my bag will spike to over 150, does this mean I’m pre diabetic or is it a result of eating low carb so long ?

  6. I’ve been Keto 1.5 years and if I cheat and eat high carb like a portion of onion rings my blood glucose will spike over 150. Is this from eating low carb or does it mean I’m pre diabetic?

  7. Missed this one ratz! Getting ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas with my large family from all over! 52 peeps! Plan on introducing Keto to them! My hair dresser got on board yesterday! Awesome deal I️ made in her life who is struggling with diabetes! Thanks Dr. Nally you are inspiring me to spread the Keto life to others! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! God Bless😊 From Tulsa, Oklahoma!

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