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  2. Sima Ruby says:

    Even though I’ve been keto-adapted for 9 months if I don’t have at least eight thousand milligrams of sodium I suffer from a mild chronic headache

    • Feeling fat, frumpy and menopausal since you ask Doc. I know you’ve heard it thousands of times before, but whatever I do I just can’t shift the damned stubborn fat. I feel like the living embodiment of the Pilsbury Dough Boy. ☹️ Apart from my age (55) I’m pretty healthy, walk my dog at least 4 miles a day, try to keep a rein on my food portions, not eat between meals, drink gallons of water etc. But I still feel like a monstrous blob of FAT!!
      Is the Keto diet/lifestyle suitable for ladies of a certain age? The menopause isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but I’m getting desperate. Please help. Diolch.

    • Monica I’m just eating one meal a day now, with a piece of fruit at midday, to try and kick-start my system. Alcohol is a dim and distant memory for me, it’s water, water …. gallons of water all day! A doctor once remarked that if I was a car I would be very fuel efficient, like a Ford Mondeo. Well, I don’t WANT to be a damned Ford Mondeo, I wanna be a Lamborghini!!

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