“I lost had 100 lbs with surgery and gained it all back.  

When I started reading DocMuscles’ blog and following his program, I weighed 220 pounds. When I became a patient, our first body weight measurement in the office in October of 2015 was 202 lbs (70.5lbs of FAT) and my last measurement a year later was weight 149lbs (36.8 lbs of fat). 

I lost over 65 lbs total,  35lbs of fat, and increased my muscle mass from 64% to 74% in a year.”

– Michelle Bjorklund

“Hey Doctor Nally, I don’t know if you heard that my Dad, Jim West passed away about three months ago. Among many other things he had type 2 diabetes and at the end kidney failure and he was only 61. I know that sounds familiar to you from listening to you talk about your father on the podcasts.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I had had some success last year losing some weight on a low carb, high protein diet but had gotten away from it for several months. When Dad passed that kinda kicked me in the butt to get in better health again.

So I started my diet again, but shortly after that a friend who is a patient of yours told me about Keto and that you were a big proponent of it. He was really excited about it so I decided to tweak my diet a bit and go full Keto.

I started feeling better and losing more weight. I’m down to 270lbs from my high of 318lbs.

My Mom was going the other direction, eating junk all day and not even cooking for herself anymore(understandable). But she knew she needed to get into better health too. In fact she had been in the hospital with high blood pressure and chest pain just a couple weeks before Dad passed.

So Mom started doing Keto with me a little less than a month ago. She’s been to the doctor twice since she started for blood work and she’s lost 30lbs (she started at almost 400lbs, but I didn’t tell you), her BP was 120/80 or better both times, her A1C had gone down (she’s type 2 also), and her cholesterol was “perfect”.

Her doctor is so excited that she’s been studying and telling her patients about Keto and said she’ll be calling you soon pick your brain. The only sad part is that we wonder a lot how much this diet could have helped Dad.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much you have helped us and I know Mom wouldn’t have listened to me and this “crazy” diet had it not been for your name attached to the information. You were an awesome spiritual leader to her and now there are temporal rewards she is seeing from loving and trusting you.”

– Jeffrey West

“I was looking for a family doctor and I found a doctor that changed my life!!

I started seeing Dr. Nally in June 2015. That is when I heard the words ‘insulin resistant’ for the very first time. After listening to everything I would need to give up… which included my daily iced cafe mocha and cream filled donut, (that I had on my way to the doctors appointment) the little brat in me must have asked the right question. “…and what if I don’t want to give up the sugar and carbs?” The answer shocked and scared me so much, I started following the ketogentic diet my very next meal. 

Although that was enough to get me started, it wasn’t until I saw Dr. Nally for my one month follow up that I found my “WHY”.

I went into the office feeling down that the scale did not move the entire month. Dr. Nally measured my waist and said I lost two inches which meant the diet was working.

But that was not the best part, it was during this visit that he totally surprised me and took me off of my blood pressure medicine. Tears of joy ran down my face and I left his office doing cart wheels…well feeling like it anyway.

People tell me that I am really good about sticking with this way of eating, but for me, this has changed my life and there is no looking back. I am prescription free, healthier on the inside and the weight-loss has been a happy side-effect. Thank you Dr. Nally for turning me into a Ketonian for life!

– Lisa Cz

“I’ve had hypoglycemia since I was 18 and since living a Ketogenic lifestyle I have lost weight, have more energy and I haven’t experienced any dramatic fluctuations in my blood sugar. Plus I get to eat BACON!”

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