1. Was on Synthroid for 20+ years, lost almost 200 lbs. Had a 70 lb setback while on Cymbalta for foot injuries and arthritis in 2015. Synthroid stopped working for me two years ago, had worse fatigue. Been on NDT, currently on NP Thyroid. Gained almost all my weight back, frustrating, but not giving up. Thankfully still a diet-controlled diabetic since on Atkins a few years ago

  2. Laura Primus says:

    Dr. Nally, I couldn’t jump while you were live, dang! I am wondering something about the thyroid. I’ve read every blog post you’ve had about the thyroid but can’t figure something out. I have a client whose thyroid was just fine (according to her doc who I do keto coaching for) but since going keto in May her ft3 dropped to 1.6. Her TSH is .7, ft4 is fine (according to her doctor). Her doctor doesn’t know that much about keto and I’ve always seen and heard the thyroid improving with keto but her doctor is freaking out about the ft3. I’m not sure what to say her and cannot find any good information to help – I’m not a doc – I’m a coach! Help me, please! Dr. is considering pulling the plug on keto.

  3. Samer Marcos says:

    The volume of videos you put out is awesome! And it solidifies in my mind that you left the podcast because of differences with the other host and not due to time constraints :). You are better off on your own!

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