1. Sima Ruby says:

    Just got my bloodwork back 6 months on keto feel great lost 20 pounds have 4G go cholesterol 230 LDL 148 triglycerides 90 HDL 65 doctor wasn’t too worried the v LDL 18 should I be concerned should I switch to monounsaturated fats

  2. Alyssa Taber says:

    I had thyroid cancer and had to have a thyroidectomy, I had hashimotos prior and now show symptoms ofany different auto immune diseases. Will keto work without a thyroid?

  3. Liz Montoya says:

    When i started Keto in march my cholesterol was 248 in July it was down to 195 and yesterday got my blood work results and it’s 203 should I be worried it went up,

  4. Cindy Lutfy says:

    My question is to long for Twitter. I have hashi’s and can’t take synthrod it gives me terrible join pain. I am also sensitive to filler in most drugs. I have plenty of t4 but I don’t convert it to t3. Are there any natural ways to get t3? I am on very low dose of t3 7.5 mg a day, but the pharmacy I was getting it from closed up and the new one doesn’t use the same time release filler. These fillers ofter give me yeast problems. Been doing Keto since Jan.

  5. Eria Moschos says:

    My sister’s thyroid was working perfectly normal until she had a baby. Now she’s hypothyroid and has elevated prolactin levels. She had a brain MRI and her pituitary gland is normal. Could all this be a result of pregnancy and hormones?

  6. How do you know if your losing to much weight doing Keto? Friends and family think I’m too skinny! I started 3 months at 160 and now I weigh 125! I feel fine and they are making me crazy by saying I’m too skinny! I’m 5’6 and I feel I’m at a fine weight for age 47!

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