1. Eva Holmes says:

    It’s a fad diet similar to controversial Atkins diet. Short term dramatic results but likely gain it back later, within year. Initial loss is water. Can be unhealthy on liver, kidney, muscles, including heart muscle. Best way to lose weight is lifestyle changes, decreasing processed foods, eating more organic, vegetables, decrease high sugar foods, and walking, biking, or regular exercise to raise metabolism. Eat whole organic if possible, good fats, olive oils and coconut oils. beans, and fish. We need fats in body.

    • Of course, Eva, it’s a “fad diet” that has lasted in my practice for over 10 years, allowed me to reverse six cases of diabetes when all other approaches failed. It has helped me to keep 65 lbs off, reverse my cholesterol, when all other approaches failed and maintain this weight for over 10 years. Yea, it’s just the most effective and powerful “fad diet” and the only effective method of reversing the diseases of civilization that I have ever seen. I’ll put my 10 years of experience and thousands of effective patient treatments up against your “fad diet” beliefs ANY day!

    • I’ve lost 129 lbs on Keto in the last year and a half. It has improved my IBS, gotten rid of my BP medicines and no more plantar fasciitis. I plan to eat this way for life. Not just a fad. This woe really saved my life. I started at 464lbs

  2. Johnna Lodge says:

    do you use macros as a measure to stay in ketosis. I am having difficulty getting in ketosis. I am low carb up to 50 carbs ( I love all veggies but stay within the non starchy acceptable low starch veggies), enjoy fat and glad to add it back. I know I am getting plenty of protein.

    • Insulin suppresses the use of estrogen and increases testosterone in women. Those with PCOS over produce insulin due to insulin resistance. Shifting to a ketogenic fuel, turns down insulin and lets the problem reset itself . . . in a nutshell

    • Darcy Lester says:

      Thank you Dr. Nally. Now to get my daughter as excited about this as I am. I also suffer from depression and Keto//OS is better than any anti depressant I’ve been on.

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