1. Branka Knez says:

    So…i am on keto for a bit longer than a month and my bp went crazy up, especially,through the night.
    What am I doing wrong?Even my bad cholesterol went up and my good went down,never had any problem with cholesterol . My uric acid almost 3x higher? Thx

  2. Joan Day says:

    xylitol , just small pieces of sugar free gum, with xyloitol will kill your dog in just 20 minutes..it messes with their insulin levels, shuts down kidneys, etc. How can it be any good for humans. people have been know to feed yogurt sweetened with it and killed it., gums, candies, food etc. google search the deadly results to pets..no way would I ever use it.

    • Joan, your gut makes xylitol when it ferments and breaks down plumbs, raspberries and cauliflower. It is found naturally in these foods in around 0.4-0.9 mg/ 100g dry weight in these foods. That’s why large amounts of plumbs and cauliflower will will give you the same gastrointestinal gymnastics that large amounts of xylitol in cooking will do. It is also a byproduct of other fruit metabolism. Our guts don’t have xylitol absorption receptors so, excessive amounts pass through the system giving more fermentation and gas. Yes, you could probably brush your teeth with cauliflower and improve your dental health (I know you were thinking this). This is why dogs don’t eat cauliflower and plumbs.

    • Joan Day says:

      funny part is i had my dna sequenced and have some issues with cauliflower, cuniverous vegetables.. cant explain it easily but has to do with sulfur, amonia build up, and how my does not handle it well. my niece is married to a dr and she gets red flushed face and headache if she eats broccoli..i found 23andme data very helpful. We are not there yet, but soon I think we will have more insight as to why what works for some does not work for others. I get keto rash, and am a mess on ketogenic diet, but the weight sure comes off..i was full of inflammation, could hardly walk, added cold wild rice, banana and big improvement. I learned to work with what i learned from dna..it helps, just an other tool.google search xylitol and dogs..spikes insulin i beive but it messes it up to the point it kills the dog..who knew. watch pets if you chew sugar free gum with it in..

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