1. You take anywhere from 2-4 packets of Pruvit’s product per day…is the sodium content worrisome with that quantity? My uncle has high blood pressure and his naturopath said he shouldn’t be taking even one packet per day due to the sodium content.

  2. My sister is having rashes which the dermatologist thinks it’s eczema but she feels it’s not the problem. She was told to go gluten free which has helped, but still having the issue.

  3. My sister has had a rash that comes and goes. Md had her go gluten free which has helped but she continues to have this rash different areas of her body. Dermatologist thinks it’s eczema she doesn’t think it is. Any ideas or suggestions what we can look into.

  4. Ok will keto cause boils? 1yr into this woe i did get one and had to have it lanced well my brother-in-law started this woe and has stared getting them he’s lost 70lbs and has developed 3 nasty boils so bad he’s going to have to have surgery they’ve turned into mersa.

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