1. I am insulin resistant and fought my weight my entire life…until I started a Ketogenic diet and KETO//OS to help keep me in ketosis. I’m down 75 pounds now! So happy! Not done yet but my goal is within sight! Your info has been soooo helpful to me! THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Do you read the comments? I have seen yoy here in Tampa at a keto convention. Can I fly our for appt ? Seriously in need of help, thinking I should go back on Hcg diet, but I know keto os is good, except I keep gaining weight on it .

  3. This is awesome. Live all this info. Unfortunately, I skipped dinner tonight and found some swedish fish which I just ate. I better go eat some fat to slow down the insulin spike

  4. The only time im the hungriest is about 30min before i wake up or have to get up in the morning! Then started dreaming i was cooking eggs and bacon! Get up then not hungry!

  5. Good info. If I’m insulin resistant, how do I change it and still lose the weight I still need to lose. I’ve been following Keto and have lost nearly 50 pounds but have hit a brick wall. Frustrated!!

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