1. I’m insulin resistant and find that some days I have no stamina and breathless. Will this improve as I become Keto adapted? I currently take metformin er to help with this

  2. Lisa Carper says:

    HELP… Doing keto 2 month lost 5 lbs I’m 400lbs need to lose desperately I fast from 8pm till 12:30 pm next day drinking only coffee with tsp of 0 carb cream and 0 carb and calories torani sweetener. Then eat only dinner chicken, steak, hamburger, broccoli cauliflower or asparagus pretty much. Bacon for snack most of the time. My blood sugar is now normal but haven’t lost much. Should I just be patient.

    • Lisa, at 400 lbs, realize you will lose fat and gain muscle (muscle weights twice as much as fat). The scale may not change quickly, but you will begin to metamorphasize around your waist. Be patient. Seriously. Be patient. Are you fasting to fast? Or are you actually just not hungry?

  3. I get the concept of high fat low carb eating but I cannot buy into drinking a magic juice with chemicals I can’t even pronounce while eating greasy food and consuming lots of alcohol and promoting it as healthy woe plus avoiding exercise so it’s difficult to jump on the bandwagon where the term Keto is used so loosely but understand people are always looking fast cheap and easy but thank you for educating others

    • You have it wrong , you can’t consume all kinds of bad greasy foods for you and you cannot consume lots of alcohol it will not work it is not a magic drink.
      You also have to exercise . But it’s not necessary.

      if you listened to the video, you would see the doctor explaining that it is not a cookie cutter cure for anything. Everyone’s body is different.
      This body fuel source is helping me with pain, mental clarity and keeping my Weight and hormones in balance .

    • Gayle Grunigen Vallie sorrybto be more specific are those that advertise eat fatty foods okay to drink alcohol as long as you buy and take this drink lose weight no exercise and it worries me that people are attracted to such a sales pitch that is all I am conveying because they want to lose weight without regards to doing Keto as it was intended and exercises

    • ok . I see 😊
      Well, the company that I represent and the product that is working for my clients you’re not allowed just to eat and drink whatever you want.
      I also know nutritionist and a personal trainers that regard cardio exercise as useless for weight loss. So it’s hard to say what works for some and not others . It’s frustrating for most people who can’t lose weight or have medical issues.

  4. Amy Draper says:

    Love cutting up 1/2 lemon. Squeezing its juice into a glass, add 1/2 small dropper full of organic stevia, ice & fill glass with filter water. Refreshing!

  5. Amy Draper says:

    Swerve can be good, but some swerve has tricky ingredients that might surprise you. Read the label so you get the swerve with no partially added types of sugars.

  6. Amy Draper says:

    Can you tell us some of the benefits we’d get from using some supplements vs. just eating Keto. I take magnesium everyday & vitamin c sometimes

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