1. Cherie LeMay says:

    Weight loss and estrogen levels fluctuation after starting keto…hard to lose weight. …following keto religiously. ..what to look for and questions to ask my doc to improve overall health and increase weight loss

  2. Bryan Steele says:

    When in ketosis, my sleep is outstanding. But my deep sleep is very low and REM % is very high. Is that because of the ketones making brain more active? Used only non-professional Trackers

    • Thanks doc for answering my question on protein. It’s just so confusing to know what and who to believe. I guess time to conduct an experiment on myself instead. I guess too much of fat or protein over daily need will cause spill over

  3. I have an appt to check my hormone levels what do you suggest I specifically ask to get tested, I feel like my hormones are the reason I’m not loosing body fat. Thanks!

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