1. I believe some people use intermittent fasting to get over a stall . . . I don’t like fasting myself . . . What else would you recommend (if anything?) to get over a stall while on a ketogenic diet? Thank you for your input! โค๏ธ

  2. Paula Nangle says:

    Keto eating since May. Drink protein & keto drink in am then lunch protein and salad, diner protein and veggie no craving at all. Believe not eating enough. Fasting intermittently 16 hours. Does this look good to you?

  3. This live stream is over. But I had a question about taking a โ€˜salt pillโ€™ on the daily. Like a โ€œrevive type capsuleโ€ that balances electrolytes. Something an athlete would add after workouts. But I would just take it for SALT?

  4. Jamie Ellyn says:

    Dr. Adam Nally, I had long arm RNY gastric bypass surgery 14 years ago. Does that change the Ketogenic Lifestyle for me? I understand if this is not something you can simply answer.

    • Short answer – no. I have multiple RnY patients who do wonderfully well on Keto. They all seem to regain weight post-surgically 5 years later and Keto is the only thing we’ve found to be successful for treatment

    • Jamie Ellyn says:

      That’s great news. Thank you. I’ve not regained all of my weight, though probably 35% of it. I have autoimmune issues I’m dealing with and it looks like Keto could help those as well.

    • Dr. Adam Nally thanks. I just started listening to your blogs. I wish I lived in AZ. Iโ€™d come and see you and drag my daughter along with me. She is 47, has A1C of 13.1, Sugar 280, thyroid issues, pycos, and fatty liver and wonโ€™t touch my ketone products. Taking Metformin and some insulin shot called 30/ 70 or 30/ 50 twice a day.
      I will try to get her to listen to your blogs.
      Enjoying your great information. Thanks.

  5. I cannot thank you enough for this rant!. I have had many tachycardia events when trying to lose weight. I am insulin resistant and post menopausal and realized in listening to your rant, it always happen when I put my electrolytes out of balance. Thanks.

  6. I agree so much!!! Thank you for this video!!!! I was fasting and it would cause such bad side effects. I felt like I had a eating disorder, cuz I was scared to even put gum in my mouth. Thank u Adam!!!

  7. Hi Dr. Nally, what about eating low calorie. I know calories in general don’t matter, but doesn’t eating only when hungry give way to eating low calorie(1000 cal) give way to other health issues.

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