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20% Off Ketones Special

It’s happening again . . . Pruvit is offering 20% off until mid-night tonight.  Take advantage now!!


Click on the image above or here to order yours today.

For those outside the US:

Flag_of_Canada.png For my Canadian Friends click: http://www.docmuscles.shopketo.com/ca

AustralianFlag.jpgFor my Australian Friends click:  http://www.docmuscles.shopketo.com/au

KetoKreme – Exogenous Ketones in Cream Form!!


It’s here!  KetoKreme for those of you that are coffee drinkers, now there’s a way to add exogenous ketones to your morning coffee or postum . . .

I’m not a coffee drinker, but this stuff is quite tasty when you want to add a creamy exogenous ketone boost to any drink. My son loves to add it to his Diet A&W Cream Soda.  It’s the only way I can get him to drink exogenous ketones.

Sign up for yours by clicking the link above.


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