Ordering the Low-Carb Ketogenic Burger

Running some errands this morning and the tummy became a little rumbly.  That’s my sign that it’s time to fuel the Doc’s Muscles.  My son and I love Five Guys.  They make a mean burger and cater to my every Ketogenic whim.

Here was today’s burger:

The lettuce wrapped bacon burger with mustard (and a pickle just for some flair).  Pure saturated fat awaiting ketosis wrapped in foil. (Kind of makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?)

Five Guys Bacon Burger with Mustard

Add the bacon for a little more fat and the mustard for flavor and to prevent leg cramps (yellow mustard contains just enough quinine that it stops leg cramps) that can occur with dehydration in the Arizona heat (it was 93 degrees F today) and I’m a happy man.

Hope your lunch was just as good.

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