KetoTalk From the Caribbean Sea


Dr. Nally recently spoke about Low-Carbohydrate/Ketogenic Diets on the 2016 Low Carb Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  While there, he and Jimmy Moore recorded another episode of KetoTalk with Jimmy and the Doc.

Listen in to KetoTalk Episode 20: A LIVE Q&A Session From The 2016 Low-Carb Cruise

Here’s what Jimmy and Dr. Nally talked about in Episode 20:
– We are in front of a LIVE audience of Ketonians
– How long will you experience hair loss when you go ketogenic?
– What role does resistant starch have on the keto diet?
– Is eating high-fat with high-carb harming my boyfriend?
– How does intermittent fasting help with keto?
– Whether to count total vs. net carbohydrates
– Whether you need to cycle carbs when building muscle
– What the best way to test your ketones is
– How to test blood ketones on a budget
– What the difference is between an NMR and basic lipid panel
– The dramatic changes in your cholesterol when going keto
– How long should you be on keto before running blood tests?
– Whether you should cut fat lower on keto to speed up weight loss
– Is having a lower body temperature a bad thing when eating keto?

You can listen at the iTunes page here, or download it for free to your favorite iTunes player.

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