1. My doctor continues to tell me that regardless of what I’m told it’s calories in and calories out and that’s the reason I’m not losing weight even though I am in key ptosis

  2. Paul Montgomery. My Local San Diego Doctor not being knowledgeable of Ketogenic life styles is why I made Dr. Adam Nally my primary Dr. I have visited in person twice and works well to do Video and phone support when I an not in AZ. So worth it!!!

  3. I had kidney cancer leaving me with one kidney, what should I be doing differently compared to someone with two kidneys taking keytones? Surgery was 8 years ago and had no issues with the other kidney.

  4. Marcie Howes says:

    Hi Doc!โ˜บ I was using Keto Max and everytime I used it i would swell up..water retention..do you have any idea why?
    I’ve used the Chocolate and didn’t have that effect..thankyou for all this info!

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