1. I still feel great but after 80 pounds of fat loss on a Ketogenic diet and Keto os, I’ve been at a standstill for many months now. So frustrating! I’m sure peri menopause is part of the problem…any ideas?

  2. Frank Priebe says:

    I’m almost 2 years Exo-Ketones and I avoid carbs and sugar period. I was a carboholic two years ago . I’ve had a nice slow recomposition from 230 to 180 ish. I am such a anti-carb person and have no tolerance for people who complain they can’t stop. Thanks for all you do. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Hubby has arthritis and kidney stones. Muscle issues and problems with diuretic prescribe by doctor. Seems like everything leads back to dehydration but he drinks water and blood work says electrolytes panel is fine. Ideas??

  4. Jeff Michael says:

    Hello Dr, it seems that the ketones arent working as well as they used to for me with fat loss, any suggestions? I use it twice daily charged chocolate

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