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20% Off Ketones Special

It’s happening again . . . Pruvit is offering 20% off until mid-night tonight.  Take advantage now!!


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For those outside the US:

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Interested in Exogenous Ketones? Now's the Time to Try . . .

For those of you who may be considering their use, or those who are using exogenous ketones on a regular basis, there is a 15% OFF SALE going on with my favorite exogenous ketone maker, Pruvit©, thru January 29th.  Now is the time to buy and save.


I’ve become a big fan of exogenous ketones for myself and my patients with a little more challenging insulin resistance.  My clinical experience has been great, both personally and with my patients, in helping people to get into, and maintain, a more successful level of ketosis that drives energy, fat loss, improved mental clarity & focus, and diminished inflammation throughout the body.

I’ve been using a packet 2-3 times a day for the last year, personally, and have found these to be the greatest addition to my ketogenic lifestyle. I’m stocking up right now. . .

If you haven’t tried exogenous ketones, now is the perfect time.  Buy yours now before this special ends.


How Does Ketosis Help Insulin Resistance & Disease?

How does ketosis help the diseases of civilization? Find out as Dr. Nally answers these and many other pertinent dietary questions this evening.

You can learn more about his multi-vitamin supplement he designed for insulin resistance/diabetic/weight management patients that he mentions in the video here at KetoLiving.com.

You can learn about exogenous ketones that he mentions helps to augment ketosis here at DymaicKetones.com.

KetoTalk 34: Short-Term Ketosis Benefits, Exogenous Ketones, Upper Abdominal Pain, Cheating On Keto

KEY QUOTE: “For those of us that are insulin resistant, which is two-thirds of the patients in my practice, you really have to use the ketogenic diet to see the true effects of the exogenous ketones as an adjunct to the diet.” — Dr. Adam Nally




You’re not going to want to miss this one, listen in by down loading KetoTalk on your IOS device or here at iTunes.  Or, you can use your computer to listen on KetoTalk.com to hear Dr. Nally & Jimmy Moore talk about the benefits of Ketones, Abdominal Pain and Ketones, & “To Cheat . . . or Not To Cheat.”