But I Said You're The Good Kind of Fat…

Good Fat

Can Healthy Fats Make You Fat?

Are Zero-Carb Diets OK?

And, Can You Heal A Damaged Metabolism With Keto?

Listen in to KetoTalk.com for Podcast #26.

The health podcast legend, Jimmy Moore, and I talk about how much fat is too much.  Or, is it?  What’s the deal with Zero-carb ketogenic diets?  We answer your questions and try to give you the most up-to-date knowlege regarding the ketogenic lifestyle and how it affects your metabolism. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health.

There are a lot of myths about “keto” floating around out there and we shoot them down one at a time.

You can down-load it for free on iTunes or listen to KetoTalk.com on your computer. 


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