1. Tami Olayan says:

    I don’t eat unless hungry, but after 16 hrs without eating my blood sugar feels like it’s dropping. Does that mean my insulin is elevating causing low blood sugar?

    • Doing great! Adding salt to everything helps me with my leg cramps at night! Never thought to do this! But working out everyday I have added this to my Keto way of living! Life is good! Thanks for the rants and seeing you live on Facebook helps! I have no insurance so I don’t see a Doctor till January of 2018! Knowing I have you as my Doctor has helped me so much! Bacon is Awesome!

  2. I had been doing this woe for about 5 weeks with a little bit of luck, am now on my last day of vacation and have fallen off the wagon. What is the best way to get back on track? Just jump right in?

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